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  1. Annexation Interest Form

    This form is for those you have an interest in annexing in Chelsea and would like more details. It is also used to determine if you're... More…


  1. Adult Volunteer Application
  2. Holds Request Form

    Need new items to check out, but not sure what to search for? Let us know what you might be wanting,

  3. Kids Coding Club Registration Waiting List

    Thank you for joining the waiting list for Kids Code Club. This coding club is for students ages 8-12. Here they will learn web design... More…

  4. Teen Coding Club Registration

    This coding club is for students 12 and up. Here they will learn web design, app building, game building, and so much more!

  1. Chess Club

    Chess Club every 1st & 3rd Saturday at 2pm.

  2. Item Suggestion Request Form

    Is there a book or item that the Shelby County Library System does not have on record that you would like to see in your library?... More…

  3. Proctored Exam Form

    Please fill out this form in order to schedule a proctored exam at the Chelsea Public Library.