What is a Feasibility Study?

A feasibility study is simply a study design to determine the feasibility, or possibility, of Chelsea having its own city school system.  It is a preliminary step to determine if having our own school system would be a practical idea and make sense for our citizens.  A feasibility study is in no way a decision to move forward with an actual plan to create our own school system.  It is merely a process that will be used to determine if this is a viable idea for Chelsea. 

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1. What is a Feasibility Study?
2. What will we learn from the study?
3. How long will the study take?
4. Why does Chelsea need its own school system?
5. What schools make up the current Chelsea student attendance zone?
6. How would a new school system be funded?
7. Are there successful and recent examples within our area of cities that have formed their own local school systems?
8. What about those families who live outside the city limits whose children currently are zoned to attend one of the Chelsea student attendance zone schools?
9. How will a final decision be made determining the possible formation of a new city school system?
10. What is the most pressing facilities need within the Chelsea schools?
11. If a new Chelsea City School System is formed, what might be the earliest date it would begin operating?
12. How will we be kept informed of this process moving forward?