Splash Pad at Melrose Park

  • Hours: Monday-Friday 9-2 ; Saturday 9-6 ; and Sunday 1-6pmSplash Pad at Melrose Park

  • $2.00 per day for 1 year old and older 

  • Everyone buys a band for the day. You can leave and come back later with your band. Different color bands will be used everyday.

  • Food in designated areas only, not on the splash pad. 

  • No toys on the splash pad. 

  • Pavilions can be reserved for parties until Sept. 31, weather permitting.  Nor reservations after Sept. 31.

  • Rentals for birthday parties, etc. are available - 2 hr max reservation only!  Call for reservations. (205) 677-2052 ext. 1

  • Children not potty trained must wear swim diapers!

  • No swim chairs and coolers allowed on the splash pad.

  • No community center membership required.

  • Splash Pad direct line: 205-677-7040

Splash Pad Fall hours