2021 Chelsea Youth Cheerleading Registration Information

Registration for cheer will run from May 1st - May 31st and is completed online through Rec Desk.  You may also register in person at the Chelsea Community Center.  The Cheer Registration fee for the 2021 Season is $245.  This includes: Cheer Uniform (Shell, Skirt, Briefs), 1 Pom Pom, a Sweatshirt, Camp Fees, a Cheer Bow, and Cheer Bag. Chelsea Parks & Rec is working to standardize the cheer pom poms so they can be reused each year going forward.  The white 3-color pom that was used in 2019 will be 1 pom and a new blue 3-color pom will be paired with it.  The blue pom will be included in the registration fee, however, if you do not currently have the correct white pom, this will need to be ordered as an optional item for an additional $14.75.

Optional Cheer Shoes are also available for an additional $40.

Mandatory Uniform Fitting information and Dates

Because our cheer uniforms are manufactured and custom fitted per girl, it is REQUIRED that each girl be fitted.  This is MANDATORY.  If you do not attend a fitting, you will not be eligible for cheer and will be refunded your registration fee. No Exceptions. We will also be requiring approval for any poms not being purchased this year due to the standardizing process. If you have a white 3-color pom, this MUST be brought to the fittings for approval or you will be required to purchase a new or used one.

2 Fittings dates have been scheduled and will be held at the Chelsea Community Center.

Fitting Dates:    

Thursday, May 13th (5:30-7:30 pm)

Sunday, May 23rd (2:00-4:00 pm)

Cheer shoe and Pom Resale Program Information

Shoe and Pom Resale Program

Chelsea Parks & Rec is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a shoe and pom resale program for all new and returning cheerleaders.  Our hope is that this will help alleviate some of the cost for families. We will be collecting cheer shoes (Varsity brand purchased through our cheer registration ONLY) and 2019 White 3-Color poms from past cheerleaders. We will be making these items available for resale at our cheer fittings.  Used shoes will be available at a price of $15.00 and used poms will be available at a price of $5.00.  CASH only!  These will be available first come first serve and only be available for purchase in person at the Cheer fitting dates and times as specified above.

Used shoes and poms will need to be clean, zip tied, and tagged with a parent contact name, phone number, and email address. (Tutorial videos coming soon.) If your shoes or poms sell, a credit of $15 for shoes or a credit of $5.00 for poms will be added to your family's Rec Desk account that can be used for any Chelsea youth sport registration for any child on your family’s account.

The ONLY form of payment will be in a credit to your rec desk account.  If you no longer have a child in youth sports, you can donate your credit to another family.  Please note that NO cash or check payment will be given. No exceptions.

Collection for used shoes and poms will be held April 23rd - May 12th at the Chelsea Community Center.  Collection boxes will be behind the main front desk.  Shoes and poms will be inspected by Chelsea Cheer Coordinators for proper tagging and quality prior to the first fitting.  If shoes or poms do not meet quality standards, you will be contacted to collect your items and they will not be available for the resale. Please only send items that you would personally buy.