Chelsea Youth Cheer Parents, 

We would like to invite all 2023 Flag and Tackle Youth Cheerleaders, as well as the current 23/24 Basketball Youth Cheerleaders to join us in the Chelsea Christmas Parade, riding on a parade float sponsored by Jessica Haywald Photography. The parade will be on Saturday, December 16th. If your cheerleader wishes to be a part of this fun event, here is all of the information you will need to know.

Meeting Location: All cheerleaders will meet at Forest Oaks Elementary. Parents, please make sure you sign your cheerleader in with a Cheer coach when you drop off. We will need a list of all girls riding,  as well as a good contact phone number. 

Meeting Time: 9:00 - 9:15 a.m. It is very important that all cheerleaders arrive in this block of time to allow us to get everyone situated on the float. Because we have a real float this year,  everyone will be riding,  no one will walk. 

What to Wear/Bring: Please have your cheerleaders wear Chelsea Blue if possible. The Football Cheer Spirit Jersey is a great choice! Remember it could potentially be chilly, so layer appropriately. Santa hats or Christmas headgear is encouraged. Do NOT bring Pom Poms. They get lost. If your child would like to throw candy, please bring this as well,  as candy will not be provided.

Pick up Location: We will end the parade in the Winn Dixie Parking lot. Just look for us as I don't know the exact location we'll be parked.  Please make sure you sign your cheerleader out with a Cheer coach so we know that everyone has been picked up safely. 

If you have any questions,  please contact Melissa Townsend -

Chelsea Parks & Rec Cheer Coordinator