Adult Summer Reading

Adult BannerRegister now at for our summer reading program! The more you read the more chances you have of winning weekly prizes! Happy readings!

Adult Book Club:

The plan is to resume Book Club on Thursday, June 11. We will be gathering on the patio, socially distanced, beginning at 10:00AM. Please note the NEW time. I made the decision to move the time earlier so that we can take advantage of the cooler part of the day. If we wait until our usual noon time, I’m afraid it make be a little too warm and sticky, even with the fans going. I hope this is not going to inconvenience anyone. We will also have Zoom (live internet) for those wanting to virtually connect. We have recently purchased a microphone, which will hopefully help with the outside noise from the road, especially for our Zoom participants. Dana Martinez will be our guest moderator, so we have a treat in store! Several of you have asked me for another copy of our 2020 reading list, which I have attached. However, we may not be discussing the books in the order they are listed. I still do not know what the July selection will be, simply because the deliveries from the other libraries in the county are still inconsistent. Please be patient as we try our best to work with our new normal. If you don’t remember anything else from this email, please note at least these items: 

1) We will meet on Thursday, June 10 at 10:00AM on the patio.

2) Zoom will be an option! I will send out the link on or around June 8. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please call the library.

3) Masks are not mandatory, but I will be wearing one.

See you on June 11, if not before. 

--Lynn Thomas