KBI Memorial Scholarship

Kristi Barker Ingram

Kristi Ingram passed away on Friday, November 24th after a grueling battle with breast cancer.  She fought this battle with admirable strength, dignity, and courage while always maintaining a positive attitude and having a smile on her face.   She inspired many people, children and adults, along her journey with her vibrant personality, will to live, and determination to fight this horrible disease for her family and friends.  She had a never give up attitude and it carried her through many difficult situations.  

 Kristi was loved very much by the Chelsea community, especially the kids.  She was also a long-time supporter of the Chelsea Youth Club and Chelsea schools.

 In effort to establish a lasting legacy of Kristi’s life on earth, the Chelsea Youth Club Executive Board is honored to partner with our individual sport’s boards, local businesses, and friends of the Ingram family to institute the Kristi Barker Ingram Memorial Scholarship. 

 The scholarship is effective with the Chelsea High School Senior class of 2018.  $2,000 scholarships will be awarded to two students (one male and one female) who have prided themselves with the same never give up attitude that Kristi possessed. Individuals who strived to not only succeed in the classroom, but who were also an inspiration to others in the school and community by overcoming his/her own adversity or helping others in their own situations with care and compassion. 

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