Archery Park


The Archery Park provides a place to safely shoot a bow and arrow and offers targets of different ranges for different levels of proficiency. It features three distinct areas. The first includes straight-bag targets that range from 10 to 50 yards. Next, two platforms allow hunters to shoot down into the woods at targets. The last is a tournament range trail in the woods that allows hunters to shoot at 20 different 3D ranges, featuring target stations that simulate actual hunting situations.

Phil Carter manages and teaches the courses at the range. We offer beginner and intermediate archery classes for ages 9 and up. The fall classes wrap up in October and will resume in February or March. The cost is $100 for an eight-week course, which is 16-hour-long classes.

Carter has the archery range signed up with the Bowhunters of Alabama organization and the Archery Shooters Association, which will bring in two tournaments per year with 100-150 people per tournament. He plans to have at least four tournaments per year and add more classes, including some for adults. There will also be tournaments and day classes to promote Archery.

Archery Registration

Fall Semester $100
Spring Semester $100

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