Tot Time Storytime

Tot TimeJoin Mrs. Amy every Wednesday &
Mrs. Kellie with Mini Music the first four Thursdays 
of the month at 10:30 at the Chelsea Library 

Storytime is a great chance to introduce your little one to social settings, a learning environment, and a great chance to teach listening skills, engagement, following, and creativity! 
During Storytime we read books, sing songs, play games, and have fun! 
Storytime lasts for around 30 minutes. 
Come join us every Wednesday and Thursday 
at 10:30. 

Every 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Thursday during the Tot Time hour, we will have Mrs. Kellie 
with Mini Music come and put on a fun and engaging music program. 
Come and have fun with musical instruments, songs, and dancing! 

**Program Note**
If there is a 5th Thursday we will not have Mini Music

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