Bulk Trash Pickup

Bulk Trash is now picked up weekly on the same day as your normal trash pick-up day!  Follow the guidelines below...

Bulk Trash Pickup info

No item may weigh over 700 lbs. or be over 6 ft. long.  Place items no further than 4 ft. from the curb, away from overhead obstacles by 6:00 A.M. on scheduled date.

ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED:  Refrigerators, Freezers, Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Hot Water Heaters, Tires, Oil, Batteries, Engine Blocks, Window AC Units, Riding Lawnmowers, Bug Spray, and Paint Cans with liquid paint, televisions, or computers. Debris-Trees, Limbs, etc., generated from Commercial Tree Cutting Operations.

ACCEPTED items:  Grill (gas or propane tank removed), Push Lawnmowers (not riding; gas tank removed), Paint Cans (see Special Handling), Furniture, Mattresses, Wood, General Debris, Stoves, Vacuum Cleaners, Auto Interior Parts, Picnic Tables, Dismantled Swing Sets, Bicycles, bagged leaves or grass, etc..

Special Handling-Paint Can

  • Paint cans must be set aside from other heavy items for inspection
  • Tops of cans must be removed (tops can be set next to cans)
  • Paint must be hardened or dry
  • Paint cans with liquid paint or not must be filled with cat litter

 QUANTITY LIMITS: A per pickup limit of 5.5 Cubic yard per Household will be collected on the Bulk Day Trash Pick-up Day. Example Pile Dimension Size: (Approximate 5ft. High X 5ft Deep X 6ft Wide)

Thank you for your cooperation in following these guidelines.