Library Equipment

Library equipment that is available for check out to the public:


The Library has mobile wifi hotspots available for check out. Hotspots check out for one week at a time and work anywhere that there is either T-Mobile or Sprint service.

Please read over the Hotspot lending agreement if you are interested in checking one out.
Hotspot Lending Agreement

Roku Sticks:

Our Roku Sticks give you access to our large digital movie collection!  We have 6 devices, the devices are labeled by movie rating - G/PG, PG-13, R, & TV series. Roku Sticks check out for one week at a time. Wifi and HDMI inputs are needed in order to use the Roku Sticks. Every effort is made to insure that the appropriate movie is on the device that corresponds to the movie rating. Mistakes happen and the movies cannot be moved to different devices, ultimately you are responsible for the movie you choose to view.

  1. G/PG Roku
  2. PG-13 ROKU
  3. R Roku
  4. TV Series Roku
maleficent mistress of evil posterlion king posterfrozen 2 postercinderella posterabominable poster
toy story 4 movie postermaleficent posterthe angry birds 2 posterdora lost city of gold posterbuttons a christmas tale poster