Citizens Observer Patrol (COP)

Chelsea Alabama Citizens Observer Patrol (COP)The Chelsea Citizen Observer Patrol (COP) is an all volunteer organization sponsored by the City of Chelsea and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department. It is composed of Chelsea citizens who, after receiving training, patrol neighborhoods and business areas in our town to help deter crime and to assist in emergencies such as auto accidents.

The COP volunteers are not armed, and they do not engage directly in law enforcement. Instead, they observe; and they report appropriate, suspicious activities and problem situations to the Sheriff’s Department for investigation and action. As such, the members serve as the eyes and ears for this department.

The quality of life and community safety in Chelsea are enhanced as a result of the COP and the efforts of its dedicated members.

Uniformed Volunteers

COP volunteers on patrol duty can be identified by their photo ID cards and by their white shirts with the COP insignia. These volunteers have received extensive training before receiving certification and going on patrol. Volunteers patrol in teams of two. Each member commits to donate a minimum of three hours per week for patrols.

COP Patrols

COP volunteers randomly patrol the neighborhoods and commercial areas within the city limits of Chelsea. Each COP patrol vehicle is identified with the COP insignia and green emergency light. Patrol vehicles are equipped with a cellular phone, police scanner and an equipment bag containing a full complement of support materials.

Get Involved

Chelsea COP monthly meetings are held at 6 p.m. on the last Tuesday of each month at the Chelsea Community Center on County Road 47 in Chelsea. Drop by if you are interested in:

  • Arranging for a neighborhood presentation.
  • Joining the COP Program
  • Obtaining more information about COP

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