Fire & Rescue

Chelsea Fire and RescueWelcome to the Chelsea Fire and Rescue page. Check our page frequently to receive updates on fire safety, burn bans, health concerns and other fire and rescue related information. We are moving forward with a new public information initiative that will incorporate the use of streaming video and social media to keep you up to date and informed.

Burn Permits

Burn Permits may be obtained by visiting Station 31 and speaking with fire administration. If the type of burn you are seeking to carry out is deemed safe and within the guidelines set forth by the state, a permit will be issued. For more information about the possibility of a burn ban being issued, call Chelsea Fire and Rescue Station 31 at 678-6060.


To learn more about our public programs and information, you can call Fire Administration at 205-678-6060 or fax 205-678-0453.

Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention Website

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